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The tobacco industry documents

Minnesota DepositoryThe Tobacco Industry Documents:
an Introductory Handbook and
Resource Guide for Researchers

MacKenzie, Jeff Collin and Kelley Lee

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Under the terms of the 1998 Minnesota Consent Judgement and the Master Settlement Agreement, six leading international tobacco companies were ordered to make millions of pages of their internal documents available to public as the result of legal action taken by American states. With the exception of BAT and the Liggett Group, the companies were also required to post their documents on public websites and to maintain these sites until 30 June, 2010.

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The estimated 40 million pages in the collections has disclosed, amongst many other insights, that the industry has known about health risks associated with tobacco use for years and has contrived to keep this information from the public.

The Handbook is designed as an introduction for those interested in searching the online industry document collections. Among the topics covered are a brief history of the industry documents, how to search the online collections (with examples) and an extensive listing of online resources including document-based publications, online information sources and articles and reports on various aspects of tobacco control.

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