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Climate Change

Global climate change is now recognised as an important concern for health and health policy. The Centre on Global Change and Health is one of the leading research groups on climate change and health in the world. Centre staffs have contributed to national, regional and global assessments on the potential impacts of climate change, including the Second, Third and Fourth Assessment Reports of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The 61st World Health Assembly in May 2008 adopted an important resolution on climate change that identified the need for countries to develop response measures for dealing with climate change. Since 2007, we have been a WHO Collaborating Centre, and provide scientific advice to support health policy making at WHO and its Member States.

Current scientific evidence indicates that climate change will contribute to the global burden of disease through increases in extreme weather events, diarrhoeal disease, vector-borne disease and malnutrition. We are continuing to develop methods for quantifying the health risks associated with climate change at the national, regional and global level. Centre research has focused on improving the evidence base for developing effective public health responses extreme weather events, particularly heat waves and floods events.


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