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There has been growing attention to the links between health, foreign policy and security in recent years within the scholarly and policy communities. A recent review of research and policy literature surrounding these issues concluded that there remain strong disciplinary divides, as well as a narrowly defined and fragmented policy agenda (Lee and McInnes 2003). There is a clear need for more coherent and systematic analysis of the links between health, foreign policy and security. In particular, there is a need to understand them in relation to new theories of state failure, armed conflict, and the concept of human security. Equally important is how to integrate health more centrally into foreign policy actions.

To address this need the Centre, in collaboration with the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the Nuffield Trust, has embarked on a Programme on Global Health, Foreign Policy and Security. This three-year Programme consists of five interrelated projects covering a wide range of topics relevant to the main theme. Additional activities involve a related project, funded by ESRC, which investigates how health investments in post-conflict countries are affected by foreign policy and security concerns, and a critical analysis of various approaches linking health and peacebuilding.

  • Health and Peacebuilding

  • Programme on Global Health, Foreign Policy and Security

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