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Teaching: Centre on Global Change and Health
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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Global change and health issues are taught in LSHTM Masters taught course programme. Centre staff have developed the modules:
  • Globalisation and Health
  • Conflict and Health
  • Environment Health and Sustainable Development

which are available to students on MSc Public Health and MSc Epidemiology. Courses on environment, globalisation and health are also available through the distance-learning Masters programme.

Centre staff contribute to teaching programmes at other institutions on the subject of global health. These include:

LSHTM hosted and co-ordinated the EU Advanced Study Course on Climate Change and Human Health in September 1999. Centre staff have also contributed to Summer Schools on Climate and Health: NCAR Summer Colloquium, and Climate Change and Health: Research methods and policy issues.

Research Degree students

The following research degree students are affiliated to the Centre

  • Harley Feldbaum The history of the HIV/AIDS - National Security Nexus and its Impact on Global Health.

  • Eliana Lacerda Mark the pollution purple-the colour of agony. A participatory study of water contamination and its impacts on marisqueiras in Northern Brazil.

  • Vincent Lee (South Korea), An analysis of tobacco industry documents on South Korea.

  • Ross MacKenzie (UK), Political economy of tobacco in Thailand, PhD (2001-present)

  • Charles Ofili (Nigeria), Urban Household’s Water Provision Children’s Issue of Concern, Phd (2003-current)

  • Sungwon Yoon (South Korea), The role of epistemic communities in the global response to SARS: Implications for global governance, PhD (2004-current)

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